What is it?

  • Online delivery of content for learning (training materials, webinars, etc), including online testing and exams
  • Remote/distance education and support through electronic resources, which provides beginners and professionals with new knowledge and skills

Why is it needed?

  • Saves money and time (travel, resources dedicated to in-class delivery)
  • Available from any device – computer or tablet or smartphone
  • Using internet – it is accessible 24/7, anywhere and anytime
  • You can choose your own schedule and pace, all while staying at your place
  • For companies – possibility to create and ensure a controlled, flexible, consistent, and centralized standard of delivery

Blended approach towards training

Experience has shown that in the Lean Six Sigma world, training via e-learning is a successful method, especially for beginners, only in combination with in-class delivery and proper coaching – a so called blended approach. Necessary self-discipline must be maintained.