Лин 6 ( Шесть ) Сигма ( Сигм ), Пояс, Обучение, Сигматек. Lean 6 ( Kuus ) Sigma ( Six Sigma ), Vöö, Koolitus, Eesti. We are global consulting and training services company

Business Excellence
Process Management
Six Sigma


Consulting and Projects

Lean Six Sigma advising and consulting, audit and diagnostics, project and program management, execution and support

Training and Coaching

Lean Six Sigma trainings for any Belt level, Champion and PO. Any QTC included. Any level of coaching and mentoring, including site support


Any Lean Six Sigma deployment level in corresponding organization and company. Maintenance option, if needed


Any Lean Six Sigma Belt level certification. Any QTC related. If You need to confirm Your certificate please contact us

Repair and Maintenance

Faults/failures minimization and/or elimination in relation to Lean Six Sigma deployment, training, coaching, application and use

who we are

The founder and owner of Sigmateq, Alexey Kopylov, made  his international career from a blue collar to an executive. Based on the twenty-year experience, gained knowledge and skills, a new company is established to deal primarily with Lean and Six Sigma. Since the foundation, the company needs no advertising,  as our customers’ achievements and performance  are self-explanatory. Credible word-of-mouth recommendations are the best way to promote our company. We use individual approach towards each customer along with real needs objective identification

Dr. Gregory H. Watson


“Alexey Kopylov is the most-qualified Lean Six Sigma instructor in
the Baltics, Eastern Europe, and Russia. His organization is highly
competent and I can personally endorse it as exceptionally qualified to
conduct the training. I can most strongly recommend his company for your
Lean Six Sigma consulting and training needs”

Dr. Gregory H. Watson
Master Black Belt (since 1998)
Past-President and Honorary Member, International Academy for Quality
Past-President and Fellow, American Society for Quality
Past-Chair, International Council, and Fellow Institute for Industrial and
Systems Engineers

Eva Tamm. Head of QHSE. Repligen

“The Lean Six Sigma course by Sigmateq has given me the mindset to use data&facts not emotions whenever making business-related decisions. Understanding the historical data makes the outcome of my work tasks more predictable and efficient in regard to quality level. The trainer Alexey Kopylov is approaching each of his students individually, supporting directly where needed and encouraging strong management commitment inside the company to achieve the desired results”

Karli Jaason. R&D Manager. Prysmiangroup

“I gained a lot of confidence and more than valuable skills from the Sigmateq LSS course for quick and critical statistical and practical evaluation of available data and facts, their truthfulness and predictability. The methods and way of thinking taken from Alexey help to solve problems and challenges as pleasantly as eating a piece of cake. The outcome is statistically and practically proven and validated, resulting in a data-based decision. Alexey is proficient by delivering the LSS methodology, is very supportive and empowering as a trainer. I’m not thinking twice about looking for a good LSS trainer and mentor, it’s definitely Alexey”