Terms and Conditions


  • Our e-learning program is divided into several courses/modules. By the title, the content of the course/module is defined and you can choose the one that you need. In accordance to in-class and online course/module logic, there are corresponding online tests/exams available.
  • All e-learning content is based on the pre-paid principle

We don`t issue Lean Six Sigma (LSS) certificates based on the self-training courses / materials through the e-learning program. If you want to get the LSS certificate you have to pass the corresponding in-class or blended course delivery from us.

! Please consider that it will be the use of corresponding external third-party LMS-engine (where LMS stands for Learning Management System). Please keep your browsers up to date.

! Protection. All content is the property of SIGMATEQ and is protected by Estonian and international laws, including copyright/intellectual property. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, modify, or reproduce the materials.

Generally, in order to access, you can contact SIGMATEQ representative (mail to or through our website online form available) or pre-pay online using online service to receive appropriate access/credentials. Another option is to receive access via your organization depending on its subscription level.

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